Cheese Making Classes


The courses provided by the Second Mouse Company are designed for the cheese making novice but will as well provide enough detail and knowledge for people who already make cheese.








Course dates 


Second Mouse Cheese Co, 426 Mitchel Hwy, Orange NSW 2800

Costs and what is Included

The course fee is $200 which includes:

Coffee on arrival

Ploughman’s lunch with a selection of Second Mouse Cheese co cheeses and other local produce

Afternoon snack and a glass of wine or beer at the end of the course

Cheese to take home

Instruction how to make your next cheese at home.

Information about where to get the material you need to make cheese.


What will you learn

The principals of cheese making from warming the milk to adding the cheese culture and rennet to the correct way of cutting, stirring and draining the curd. With explanation of how to brine / salt the product at home and ripen the cheese.

What to Bring 

Pen and paper

A change of clothes, definitely socks – you might get a little wet.


Booking via email to A place will be reserved after receiving the course fee. Fees need to be fully paid by 2 weeks before the course date